Steel Sheet Parts


Below is our most used Steel Sheet Parts, we havemore parts from other suppliers.

For products other than featured below - please contact.

Pre Manufactured Steel Sheet Products for Plywood Packing

Hinges with nabs - for returnable packing and Pallet collars

3 different base models / sizes intended for plywood thickness

  • 6-9mm
  • 8-12mm
  • 12-20mm


2 different types in each model (

  • corner hinge
  • center hinge

With/without tongues -upper/lower)


Lengths 125-1000m (as standard)

Nab diameters 13, 19, 26 mm nabs - or without nabs for riveted

collar hinges.

Steel thickness between 0,8-2mm (standard 0,8mm and 1,5mm)


See also detailed presentation in submenus

Side bands - for export packing


Different types of sidebands

- Different nab and rivet systems

- Different nab size

- Different profiling on customer demands (With or without "Gull-wings or double folded/riveted)

- Different steel thickness 0,3-0,8mm


Delivered on coils or in lengths


Beside Swematec can also offer Machinery for

- SideBand Manufacturing (to coil or in lengths)

- Assembly Machine for assembly of side bands on plywood boxes

- Full automatic plywood lines for plywood boxes


For Machinery - See menu Small Series Machinery / Plywood Machinery

Locking device system - a flexible and simple Locking system

Illustration of the very flexible Locking Device System

  • Locking Devices - Fully compatible with traditional Lid Frame system
  • The same Locking Tongue - as in tradfitional Lid Frame systems
  • Manually assembled, which gives a very flexible and economic box from very small volumes
  • Very Low investment cost

Locking Unit Locking Device (female) Locking Tongue (Male)

Swematec can offer Pre manufactured Locking Unit parts as

  • Locking tongues
  • Locking Device



Beside we can also offer Machinery for

  • Simple Fasting Equipment for assembly of Pre manufactured Locking Unit Parts on Plywood Sheets
  • Tools for manufacturing Locking Tongues and Locking Devices - With or without table for direct assembly on plywood


For Machinery - See menu Small Series Machinery / Plywood Machinery

Miscellaneous metal fittings

Lid Corner Fitting Lid Corner Fitting P12 Lid Corner Fitting P8

Lid Fitting (Round) Locking Unit

Left and Right model

Divider Support Divider Support Edge Support

Fixed version Modular version

Side Edge Support Hinges Rivets

Miscellaneous metal fittings

In the pictures just a few examples like

  • Lid Corner Fitting (2 different sizes)
  • Lid Fitting (Round)
  • Locking units (for openable collars)
  • Divider Support (collar inner walls) - different models
  • Edge Support (different sizes)
  • Side Edge Support
  • Hinges (Different models)
  • Locking Devices (Different models)
  • Rivets (Different models)


We have also other miscellaneus metal parts

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Steel sheet parts


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