Machines for Steel Parts

Machines / Tools for Manufacturing of Steel Sheet Parts


Steel Sheet Part production of

  • Side band Manufacturing (to Coil or in Lengths)
  • Locking Tongue Tools
  • Locking Device Tools
  • Lid Frame Machine (simple 1-sided Lids with nabs,holes and cut))
  • Lid Frame Machine (Low Cost)
  • Lid Frame Line (See also High volume Machinery)



Normally these Tools/Machinery for Steel Part Production are also integrated

with fastening unit (See menu Manual Macinery)



Cover Frame Machine (full)


Manufacturing of Lid Profiles






Lid Profile Line


Manufacturing of Lid Profiles







Side Band Station


Manufacturing of Side Bands







Locking Tongue Station


Manufacturing of Locking Tongues

Lid Profile

Side Band

Locking Tongue and Locking Device

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