PLYMA - World leading in high performance Machinery and Accessories for Plywood and Wooden Packaging.

We are focused in Machinery for plywood hybrid boxes (plywood and steel) in various automation-levels and design.

We can also provide the most common sheet Metal parts for manufacturing of plywood hybrid boxes as well as plywood pallet and collar systems.

We have machinery and/or can provide accessories for

- Foldable "Export Boxes" - in most embodiments

- Foldable Containers - more stable return box

- Cases - for tailored storage/transport protection

- Pallets - In particular tailored pallets, as base for Plywood Boxes

- Collars - Wooden riveted as well as Plywood Collars with "Nabs"

- Other accessories



Machinery for Plywood Box and Plywood Packaging...

NEWS History

Plyma at the FackPack exhibition in Nurnberg 25-27/9 2018

Hall 4 - Stand 617

Installing Complete Line in Singapore (aug 2016)


We have in august 2016 installed a complete high performance line for manufacturing of plywood hybrid boxes


It is about the machinery in 3 pictures above

- Box Line

- Lid Profile Line

- Lid press


For more information see pages Plywood Machines / High Performance Machinery and Downloads

The Swematec-Group / Plyma acquires IndustriTeknik (jan 2016)


Swematec AB has acquired part of the former IndustriTeknik AB, mainly this applies

- The entire business area Plywood Machinery

- The name of IndustriTeknik, including domain etc.

- Parts of earlier activities beyond the "strategic interest" of the VA group,

(This could possibly be roughly divided within and outside the automotive industry)


This makes us the absolute world leader in high performance plywood packaging machinery


We are now also starting the work with merging the two different brands. We hope to finish this work relateively fast, since Plyma owner has earlier also been owner of IndustriTeknik, as well as for almost 25 years developed their Plywood business until 2013.

Plyma machinery is simply the next development step...

But this gives us also access and rights to a treasure of history of different technical solutions for plywood packing


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IndustriTeknik Homepage >>>

Plyma at the FackPack exhibition in Nurnberg 29/9 - 1/10 2015

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