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Specialist in Machinery for Plywood Box and Plywood Packaging...



With the historical background as engineer, developer, founder co-owner and manager of the special purpose machinery and lego company IndustriTeknik


In particular plywood business has followed me all years, where i have been responsible for the development of business area Plywood Box Machinery - from special-purpose machinery

25 -30 years ago to today's more standardized equipment.


We have been working with all major European Plywood Box suppliers during the years - from Sweden, Scandinavia, through The Baltic States and Germany to Italy in particular - and many more...


2013 i quit IndustriTeknik and started Swematec AB and later also brand Plyma (PLYwood MAchinery) with total focus on development of plywood box machinery and accessories.

And since we have now also "bought back" IndustriTeknik early 2016, the circle is closed and we are now the leading company in the world for high performance automotic machinery for manufacturing of Plywood boxes.


It is my vision is to develop a complete range of both machines and services around the product plywood packaging.

Complete in the sense that we will have products to meet the widely varying requirements of our customers, from established high-volume producers, to newly established businesses with significantly lower production volumes and investment opportunities.



Best Regards


Anders Johansson


Manager / Owner Swematec AB / and <2brands" Plyma / IndustriTeknik



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