Pallet Machines

Half Automatic Cell - for Pallet Production

Half Automatic Cell - for Pallet Production (in different sizes)


Operations process:

The nailing parts will be stacked to the frame which is on the turning steel table.


The maximum size of a nailing part is 1500x2000mm. The table will be turned manually to the nailing station, where X-Y nailing robot will operate the nailing which is programmed before.


At the same time you can remove the finished pallet from the frame and stack the parts for the new pallet to the frame.When the robot has operated the programmed nailing, locking of table opens automatically and the table can be turned again.


When the nails run out from the magazine, the software automatically moves the nailer to the position where the nails can be added.

When the nailing is ready, the program moves the nailer to the position where the nails can be added in case a full nail strip fits the magazine.


Nailing frame:

The delivery includes a nailing frame for one product and instructions and directions for frame manufacturing.


Nail gun:

The nail gun used is SENCO framing nailer with a long magazine. The maximum length of the nail is 90mm.



The order of nailing is designed manually and then saved to the control memory with a product code. The device has a laser pointer which shows the point where the nail will be hit. The nailer X and Y positioning is done by servo motors. The nailer upright positioning Z is pneumatic, maximum movement 250mm.

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