New Developed Machines

The Universal Press Station



A new developed unique "All in one" - Machine - which can do all manufacturing steps in producing a complete foldable plywood box in one and the same machine.


Intended as startup-machine or for manufacturers with specialized flexible production or smaller series of plywood boxes




Universal Press station -"all in one" machine

The only machine you need for low series production of foldable plywood boxes



From Pre manufactured Steel parts - and cut Plywood, the Universal Press Station can;

  • Assembly sidebands to complete 4-sided Sweeps
  • Assembly Locking tongues *) (on plywood boards)
  • Assembly Locking Device *) (females) (on plywood boards)
  • Assembly Steel profiles on Lids (on Plywood Boards)


  • Assembly Corner or Center Hinges on Plywood Nab Collars (100-1000mm)


*) Several Locking tongues/devices (one full side) can be pressed at the same time




Min Max Dimensions (Standard Machine *)

Box size (L*W*H) 150*150*150 - 2000*1500*1250 mm

Capacity ~20 000 boxes per year and shift


(* Bigger Machine for bigger sizes of boxes - as option)




Tools and Options

  • Tool for Sideband (standard and included)
  • Backside Feeding - for automatic feeding of sweeps
  • Tools for Locking Tongues
  • Tools for Locking Devices
  • Tool for Lids


Options 2—tools for Pallet Packaging

(Pallets with plywood collars and lids)

  • Plywood Collar 100-1000mm
  • Hinges for Plywood Collars
  • Locking units for Pallet Collar
  • Lids with corner fittings
  • Lids with side fittings













(Can be produced in the Machine)

Export Box

Export Box - with Locking Device

Plywood Collar - with Nab Hinges

Folded 4-sided Sweep(Box)

Lids - with different profiles

Steel Sheet Parts

(To be loaded in the Machine)

Locking Tongue + Locking Device

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Lid profiles - (different types)

Hinges - for Plywood Collars

100 - 1000mm